Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday it emerged that the Murdoch gang had given a cell phone to Sara Payne, whose daughter was killed by a paedophile in 2000...Mrs. Payne loved the Murdoch papers and supported them till the end...when she found out that the gift of the phone was a Trojan Horse, bugged so the paper could listen in. To what? Their grief? Or, since the Murdoch empire is now known to support paedophiles who are under investigation, were they trying to support the murderer of this child? They went so far once as to bug the phone of a detective on a murder case who was surveilling someone who worked for the Murdochs...and who is now in jail.

What the hell is going on?

The Post in New York is not selling; yesterday the deli on my block threw away almost all the copies they got. El Diario sold out, but the Post was left to remainder.

And no wonder. It carries little or no information on this. Instead, it had some stupid article about drug dealers busted in Harlem, with the caption HEMP SHIRT - no, the shirt was made of cotton, as all stupid drug dealers wear, but the editor saw fit to carry on the Hearst tradition and smear hemp along with marijuana in the paper (Laura Italiano, "Busted in High Fashion, NY Post, 29 July 2011).

Let us take a long look at this scenario, and reflect on what is going on. A billionaire gives the public smelly garbage as news and the public eats it up. Thus we have wars and pollution, some of the latter from the process of making newspaper pulp. Which, like drug dealers' shirts, is not made from hemp.

Some of the smelliest garbage the Muroch people foisted on us was the Rachel North attacks on those questioning 9/11 and 7/7. And it stunk. She made good money from it all, jetsetting off to expensive hotels in Spain from which she blogged about the wines she enjoyed...and it was clever, as she was a woman who was claiming to be a victim - St Rachel the Martyr, dare question her and she could use the force of Murdoch to bring you down...I more than questioned her, to her face, which she claimed was hit by up to 40 pieces of shrapnel in the attacks - but shows no scars. She did not like the scrutiny and made sure to avoid me.

Just like a number of Murdoch journalists over the years when I have confronted them. They stink. They are part of an empire that has committed the most vile of acts and needs to be questioned about their role in 9/11, 7/7, and 3/11...which, besides being 911 days after 9/11,. just happens to fall on the birthday of one Keith Rupert Murdoch...was he celebrating as the bombs went off? We would like to know.

And we would like to close his papers and stop felling trees to produce the smelly garbage he calles news. But he is not alone - even the Guardian, which is at the fore of the exposure of his sins, has its own: for instance, it spiked the stories by investigative journalists Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynne who were investigating Scotland Yard back in 1999 and 2000. They finally published their shocking book Untouchables, Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard in 2004.

One might just ask, was the Guardian also in bed with the Yardies? And what role did the Yard have in covering up 7/7 - which they must have known was an inside job? Or the sale of Quinetic, a story that the Guardian did not want to take from me? Or the extradition of Ian Norris - which had disgusting ties to the Bush Empire (which has disgusting ties to the Murdoch Empire...) - the Guardian spiked that one big time...

We may one day have to arrest and question about 30% of all journalists in the UK because this just cannot go on anymore. And I say 'we' because it looks like the Yard is also not doing its job.


Carlos said...

He hates Americans.

Kenyon said...

What is happening to the FBI investigation into his tapping the phones of 9/11 victims? Has he paid them off?
At any rate, we may be picketing this offices at 1211 6th Avenue on this issue and the lack of press on hemp. He is a modern day Hearst.
No doubt he'll try to ignore the petition to the White House at