Sunday, July 03, 2011

Just a note on the dove: it is eating the hemp, it had an all hemp diet for a day or so, now the hemp is mixed with other seeds. He is chirping and quite content. Or cooing. And content until I change his bedding, then he has a fit. But otherwise he likes just sitting there with his bowl of hemp, and his tail feathers are now fully grown in, though some other areas are still bald.
The hemp I am feeding it BTW is Go Hemp!, a 7 oz package of which costs $7.99 at Wholefoods - a price that only reflects the fact that it is illegal to grow in the US - not that it is hard to grow - or it would cost much less...The nutritional info given is as follows, based on a serving of 30gm (2 tbs):

Total Fats: 9.8gm

Saturated Fat: 0.7gm

Trans Fat: 0gm

Cholesterol: 0gm

Sodium: 0gm

Total Carb: 7gm

Dietary Fibre: 1gm

Sugar: 1gm

It is also high in iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium, of which the Daily Values per serving are

20%, 20%, 15% and 43% respectively.

So I guess the little dove is getting enough trace minerals and protein.

For more info one can go to

Protein: 11gm

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