Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Events and petitions and sales at Ruth's Foods

Just in from Ruth's Foods, actions, news and sales!

I was happy to see this company doing so much for hemp - check out all the events here - especially her petitions against GMO - about which we dedicated an entire chapter in the book - which did not endear us to at least one major bookshop which then refused to carry Hemp for Victory ...
But that's how it works. And I was not sad to hear that the company, Borders, went out of business.
Hemp for Victory will be available on line next year, as the publishers in London are working on that right now with Mina Hegaard of Minawear - whose company is working on their own petition,this one to make hemp legal again in the US - we are talking to Dr Ron Paul and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about that - if you are interested in helping in any way, or could plan an event related to that - please contace us at -
or go to the site! Let's make it a New Year's Resolution
to be active on this.
So here's to 2013 and prosperity for all in the Hemp World, scroll below to see what Ruth's Foods has been doing:

Ruth's community nutritionista Marni Wasserman is expanding her Fully Nourished business! Arriving this Spring 2013 Torontonians will be able to explore delicious knowledge first hand in Marni's midtown cooking studio.

Cooking Classes


Live Food Demonstrations

Market Retail items (organic food, specialty appliances, eco products)

Personal Consultations and Lifestyle Programs

Event and party space!

This project has another 46 days to raise awareness and support on Indigogo! Interested in all the details and possibly contributing? Visit:

Ruth's community nutritionista Ella Isakov of is offering an early bird special: $50 off a Winter Weekend Raw Food & Yoga Retreat this January in northern Ontario when you book by Dec 25th and participants receive yummy Ruths Foods too! Learn more and sign up here:
GMO's: Our Right to Know ...
Petitions for your consideration, review / sign / share as applicab Via

Tell US Congress to dump the biotech rider in the Farm Bill (that would allow GMOs regardless of other law)

Via Institute for Responsible Technology:
Sign petition to tell US Congress to support the right to know

Write the Canadian government to avoid Legalizing Contamination from Unapproved GMO Foods: Low Level Presence (LLP). Take this action & more @
Mamavation has a GMO Aware Kitchen Cabinet Challenge to help you find GMOs ... check out their easy CheatSheet!

Washington State: is gathering signatures (due by 31Dec12) for an initiative to the Washington State legislature to establish mandatory labeling of foods produced through genetic engineering.

Prop 37 in California: votes from Nov 6th are still coming in, with the final tally due by December 14th. Watch the updates here and here.
 Good News: Kenya has implemented a GMO ban

GMO news: learn more & take action here ... Canada:; US:; and North America: is also a trusted reference.

HEMP News ...

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie is co-sponsoring legislation that would require the federal government to honor state laws allowing production of industrial hemp: read the article!
Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner wants everyone to know he's making legalizing hemp his number one priority in 2013: check out the article & video!
Learn more, take action, sign, and check out awesome ways you can support VoteHemp here:

Lotus announces hemp based 'green' car: watch the video!

30% off Hemp Oil through Thu Dec 13th (Eastern Time, while supplies last)!
OK: Why Hemp Oil?

It is a great vegan source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's): Omega 3, 6 & 9 & GLA. These keep your skin and hair beautiful, help to lower blood pressure, and keeps your joints flexible. EFAs are the main component of your brain, so they help with mental focus and development: critical for people of all ages.
And with the weather getting colder, keep warm by taking about a tablespoon of hemp oil per day, in salad dressing, over rice or pasta or on its own.
Our hemp is certified organic, and expeller pressed at low temperatures to maintain maximum integrity and taste. Stay moisturized from the inside out with this delicious oil!
Don't heat this oil up too much - it will destroy the health benefits. As well as salad dressings, you can use it as a finishing oil, pour into sauces and soups at serving time, and it makes a wicked pesto, together with our SoftHemp, or use it to make raw vegan hemp mayo!
Today only we're offering a great value on our certified organic oil: enter the code 121212 for 30% off your choice of: single bottles, half or full cases - click here to buy now.
Miss it? Don't worry, just come back next Wednesday for another fabulous special.
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Have a great week!
Health and Happiness!
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Mark Ski said...

These petitions are great, I have heard a lot about the one to the White House that Minawear is doing,
makes one wonder why this still has to be done when the Dems have been in power so long - why are we still having to tell them about hemp?
Keep us posted on that.

Carlos said...

Yeah, funny how the Dems are just sitting by. If it weren't for Ron Paul, an Independent, we would not even have the Hemp Bill, which could be passed if the Dems were all as pro-America as they pretend.
2013 is time to take all these petitions to the White House and each of us to lobby our reps - why do they brush us off as garbage while they can talk to high paid lobbyists? Because we are not persistent enough. Get persistent. Get on these petitions and then call, write and email these people till hemp cultivation is legal and GMOs are not.

GOPbuster said...

That petition to POTUS sounds great, keep us posted.