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Guitars made from hemp

Canadian Hemp Guitars

Interview by Dionne Payne

Source: HempLifestyleMagazine

Hemp Guitars - a buyers perspective with Michael Hicks

What got you interested in hemp in the first place?

Hemp was introduced in my life at an early age. I have an aversion

to injustice against a harmless biomass that has thousands of uses.

If a plant has the ability to heal the planet the only thing

criminal was to keep it illegal from being grown. There's nothing

worth living for if not to fight human greed with the truth.

Why did you choose to purchase a Canadian Hemp Guitar?
I've always been an advocate for life, liberty, and the pursuit of

happiness. This would include the support of like-minded businesses

that encourage natural verses artificial, peace before profit, and

music as true form of expression. It's hard to find, especially in

desperate times, genuine people who fight for what truly matters;

respect for all life.

Are you a musician and have you tried one of the guitars?
I have been a musician, artist, and romantic idealist at heart ever

since I was born. I am not a paid professional, but I grew up as a

stage performer and know the life of a travelling entertainer.

There's simply no joy as the experience of sharing the gift of

music to an audience.

I have not tried playing the Canadian Hemp Guitar yet, but I look

forward to being the first person in the US to purchase a custom

build hemp guitar. I didn't hesitate to purchase one as I have

always wanted a guitar for this exact reason.
What was your first impression?
I felt like it was a twist of fate to come across this company and

their guitars. It was if I manifested this opportunity by keeping

my interests in focus with my goals in life. Synchronized perfectly.
How do they sound?
Without a doubt, they have the best sound quality due to the amount

of personal attention, creativity, and ingenuity that went into

developing the concept of instruments made from natural materials.

Is it obvious to a layperson that these are made from hemp?

They follow a standard electric Les Paul body, but the best

features are the ones to customize. They range in all aesthetic

finishes. I chose a plain natural finish with some amber highlights

to show off the hemp fibers in the body. A layperson may not

understand or directly tell if it's made with the hemp plant, but

any trained ear would know the vibratory subtleties of Cannabis


What do you think the reaction to your guitar will be when you show it to your friends and family?
I have had many different reactions, but the most common one is

"You have a guitar made from marijuana?" or "Are you gonna smoke

and play at the same time?" It has been an uphill battle to clear

the name of Hemp. There are so many misinformed people and it's

extremely hard to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who

are either unwilling to learn or can't see past a fear based slam

campaign against a completely harmless and versatile plant.

How can readers get in contact with you for more information?

There is an opportunity for me to be a US Representative and help

Canadian Hemp Guitars expand their market. I have the privilege to

have exclusive business relations with Canadian Hemp Guitars and

can easily direct anyone in the US to purchasing their very own

unique and customized Hemp Guitar. I can be reached by email or

phone at: 316-990-5505.

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