Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 starts well for hemp

This year is starting well, with a petition now up at - and really concerned people signing. Greta Gaines, Cynthia McKinney, Dave Pillar, Dave Brooks - we have a long way to go though. What is interesting to watch is what states they are coming from. All 50 states have a signer now, with the the largest numbers being Texas, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and California. These are the states whose legislators - Ron Paul, Rand Paul for instance (TX/KY) have been out there for the issue - and whose citizens are the most aware.
From Kentuckians we get the most activism, and there are plans for a Kentucky Hemp Museum tour in the near future, to go to some of the aforementioned states.
It can be said that the curren movement started in California - where Jack Herer was based, although he got his facts from Jack Frazier on the East Coast. Frazier's book is one of the best books on hemp - and rather hard to find now. Herer's has sold millions of copies and is rather more into the smoking side of things.
Whatever his enthusiasm for the THC varieities, Herer did wake up millions of people to the hemp issue, and his state has more hemp businesses than any other. (Minawear, though now based in Texas, started in Santa Monica, California). One of these is Nutiva, run by John Roulac, of which I was reminded when I went to buy hemp oil at Whole Foods today. Strangely, they did not stack hemp oil among the many oils they had - but Whole Body did. They no longer had Good Oil, good riddance as that particular brand, as I have noted on this blog, used chemical defoliants - and had upgraded to Nutiva and Manitoba Hemp Harvest.
One might assume I was buying it for food, and while not wrong this logic, I was actually buying it as a drying oil for my paintings.  (Previous posts have noted its qualities and the chemical reactions of oxidation of painting oils). Most I will consume myself - and with that in mind, it seems worth posting the nutritional value of that brand of hemp oil:

Omega-3LA             2.5gm     per Tbsp
Omega-6LA              7gm       per Tbsp
Omega-9LA              2.5gm    per Tbsp
Omega-3 SDA           250mg
GLA                          500mg    per Tbsp
Calories                      125        per Tbsp
Saturated fat                1gm     per Tbsp
Trans Fat                     0gm     per Tbsp
Poylunsaturated Fat   11gm   per Tbsp
Monounsaturated Fat  2gm    per Tbsp
Cholesterol                    0gm    per Tbsp
Sodium                          0gm     per Tbsp

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