Thursday, January 03, 2013

Guns, spies, hemp and other political hot potatoes

I was just on a site called Cannabis Grandma where I saw old mates from the UK. We had a lot going there both for legal cannabis and for hemp, both Cannabis sativa, and the two issues worked together well. There were marches in Trafalgar Square and in Brixton, and a good time was had by all. But more than just a good time, the British knew how to get their voices heard, and we had a hearing in a room in Parliament once where patients and practicioners gave their accounts with Lord Rea and Baroness Jenny Tonge in attendance. It all went a bit funny at the end, when Andy called on Lord Rea, a doctor, to talk, and someone named Andrea went on about her rotten life. We were all polite but gritting our teeth as this person knew how to go on and on. For some odd reason, former MI5 agents David Shayler and Annie Machon were there, and David too has a big mouth - even before he announced he was the Saviour sent to lead us to 2012...which has come and gone without any help from a rogue desk clerk wanna-be spy at MI5.
Anyway, as I said, a good time was had by all, one does not often get to be in the room with MI5 agents
and peers of the realm, and one or two MPs, including Brian Iddon.
So now I am in the US, and there are no meetings of this kind, in fact, even the left wing politicians can hardly be got to the phone on either issue, so they are letting the US rot and letting the Chinese grow all the hemp and letting everyone go broke while they vote themselves payraises.
I hope to put my foot down on all of this, let them scream if they want, who pays them? The taxpayer. Who has a right to have hearing in Parliament, Congress, or whatever government body they are paying for. In the US the lobbyists have their hand in too much of it and they are there now insisting the gun laws are to be left so that any idiot can buy a semi-automatic. Guns are legal. Hemp is not.
And we can leave it to the politicians and let it stay that way, or we can put our foot down and rise up against such madness. Just today dozens of Americans have signed the petition to the White House to make hemp legal - www/ - and if you want you can add yours. Or you can do nothing and wonder why you are going broke and the only growth industry is the gun industry.

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