Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hemp grown in Pakistan

After posting the last post, an article on hemp for Pakistan by environmentalist Helga Ahmad, I googled up hemp/Pakistan and came across this interesting piece which claims there is hemp grown in Pakistan. From correspondences with many Pakistanis, I have heard that it it not grown, but that may not be entirely correct. It may be best to say it is but very sparsely. The following is from
Panacea Pakistan :

Sustainable development is certianly only possible by using Panaea's sustainble development education on industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is grown in Pakistan. Oil and coal that used to produce commercial goods (plastics, man-made fibres, products, paints, chemicals, etc.) can't be produced any more renewably other than by using HEMP.

There is no such thing as a sustainable industry with out it. There is NO other process that can eradicate the chemicals out of our world at the source other than adopting the hemp industry.

Basic necessities of life like:

Food—seeds, oil, flour, medicine—salves, anti-nausea, toiletries—soap, shampoo, lotion,textiles—clothing, towels, bedding, canvas,household products—carpet, detergent, paint, toys,industrial products—paper, concrete, insulation, fuel, car parts. Cannot be produced with lesser of a carbon foot print or impact on earth. Yet there is no educational program other than Panacea intent on teaching this.

Cultivation of industrial hemp for fiber and for grain in france.

Panacea Pakistan has the potential to become an educational medium for the developing world wih sustainable development.

With endorsement they can begin separating the fiber from stalk, making paper, making stem to be mixed with lime for usage in building material or making hemp-crete or blocks to start of with. Objectives are to achieve these simple basic demonstrations to separate the fiber for making paper and stems for hempcrete.

The whole plant can be used in this process to get BioFuel like methanol, gas and fuel oil. With biomass pyrolysis they can also convert any organic material into fuel and/or gas. The goals are to show this educational model over there in order to help educate third world countries in sustainable development.

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Jokerman said...

Cotton farming is killing millions in Asia, and destroying America too. In the US it is taking up too much water, hence the need for another crop like hemp.
So I am happy to have signed the petition at