Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Is Delaware a feudal/police state?

The state of Delaware has been for centuries the stronghold of the Du Pont Corporation, about which I wrote in Hemp for Victory. I would say that that company has left its mark on that state, and not for any good. Gerald Colby Zilg gives a account of it which reads like a feudal state from the Middle Ages, ruled over by one rich family. Much has changed, however, what with such exposes - though his book was destroyed and had to be repinted - but situations like that of Dr Issa's still make us wonder about that state. Who is Dr Issa, one might ask?  Dr. Jahi Issa  was formerly employed by DSU as a professor of  American History and Africana Studies. On August 17, 2012, Dr. Issa was fired by the HBCU for reasons attributed to an arrest he received on campus during a rally organized by the school’s students. They demonstrated a peaceful rally, which was organized to protest the recent firings of  favored black professors at DSU. After the melee, Delaware State Attorney Beau Biden’s offices filed Class A misdemeanors against the former professor.

And I would not even have heard of it myself had it not been sent to me by Cynthia McKinney, who supplied the link below:
As can be seen,  the students were protesting University policy and the professor joined them.  This was the University's response.  Now, the professor is in court with the state claiming that HE was the one who did the attacking!!!  His court case is State of Delaware v. Jahi U. Issa (1203000747) 

The Attorney General of Delaware is Beau Biden, Joe Biden's son!

 Dr Issa  now alks on a cane due to his injuries from the police.

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