Monday, January 14, 2013

Kentucky Chamber adds its support to hemp

Kentucky is going strong on hemp - lots of posts on this blog, and lots of signatures on the petition - from the Bluegrass. The latest buzz there is this story by Kenny Colston of

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer has landed a high-profile supporter for his efforts to legalize hemp in Kentucky.

The state’s largest business group, the Kentucky Chamber, has come out in support of industrial hemp for oil and fiber, provided there is a sound regulatory process.

Many of the state’s federal lawmakers support the issue as well, including Congressmen Andy Barr, John Yarmuth and Thomas Massie and Senator Rand Paul.

A bill to legalize hemp was filed in the Kentucky Senate Friday by the agriculture committee chair.

Comer has long argued that hemp could help many farmers, especially those growing tobacco, turn profits. Comer does not support legalizing hemp's cousin crop, marijuana.


GOPbuster said...

Kentucky does show that the GOP is not all losers...
then again, where are all the Dems on this issue?

Dave Brooks said...

GOP, Dems, two sides of the same face. Make a third party come to life here and get rid of extremists.

MinaBird said...

It takes a rebel to stand up for hemp! Typical politicians are too afraid of what "people" will think. They are waiting to see where the masses stand before they get on the bandwagon.

Phil Telic said...

And while they wait, people lose jobs.