Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cowardice in Kentucky

The battles for hemp in the US are getting bigger and bigger, and with yesterday's editorial in the LA Times (see post below) there was a major victory. However, a minor disappointment occured yesterday in Kentucky, when the Agriculture Committee Chairman decided to tone down the bill that had been so overwhelmingly approved (31-6) on the 11th of this month. No great loss if he does, cowardice in rampant among US politicians so this is hardly a great surprise.

From the Associated Press:

A Kentucky House committee chairman is planning to scale back an industrial hemp bill to allow the University of Kentucky to seek permission to study the crop currently banned by the federal government.
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom McKee said Tuesday his amendment would have UK test hemp if it received a federal permit. McKee said he plans to offer the amendment when the Agriculture Committee takes up the hemp bill Wednesday in Frankfort.
Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is opposing efforts to overhaul the measure that has passed the state Senate.
The bill backed by Comer would set up a state system to license hemp growers and regulate its production if the crop is legalized by the federal government. Hemp is classified as a controlled substance related to marijuana.
The legislation is Senate Bill 50.


Carlos said...

Some people just wanna a cave in and go with the flow...dead fish can only go that way.
This guy is a loser.
But on a more positive note, the LA Times really showed some guts! They tore apart the stupied arguments about pot in a hemp field. Hope to see more articles in the LA Times soon. They could make this an issue and get lots of readers.

Phil Telic said...

There was a really good article by Lee Green about 10 years ago...but the LA Times has not been active in this, too many stupid movie stars to focus on out there. Blogs like this and sites like www.minawear.com are where you will find real facts on this issue.