Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hemp support in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania back in the day was a hemp growing state; many Amish had their mills grinding it and the ropes were made of it, as was paper; Benjamin Franklin was a paper manufacturer and hemp advocate. Today the powers-that-hate-America seek to keep Pennsylvania poor with their stupid authorative sounding arguments about hemp looking like dope. Go arrest Ben Franklin you hapless idiots if that's what you believe, and take George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with you.
Crain Layne on Radio Pennsylvania tells us about the new movement for Common Sense in the Keystone State:

(Lancaster) -- A state senator's effort to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania is being applauded by people who say it could be a valuable cash crop.
State Senator Daylin Leach has proposed legalizing marijuana for recreational use and regulating it much like the sale of alcohol through the state store system.
Advocates say legalizing pot and its relative, industrial hemp, could be an economic boon for the commonwealth.
Lancaster County-based hemp historian Les Stark says the plant has dozens of uses.
"It's a natural, non-toxic, non-lethal, renewable, sustainable resource for food, fuel, fiber, medicine, paper, plastics, fiberboard and thousands of other products," Stark says.
Governor Corbett calls marijuana a "gateway drug" and says he would veto any legalization bill.
The most recent Franklin and Marshall College poll shows 55 percent of respondents oppose legalization.
However, the same survey by the Lancaster-based college reveals 82 percent of those surveyed "strongly" or "somewhat" favor medical marijuana.

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Carlos said...

So would they arrest Ben Franklin today if he grew hemp?