Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Hampshire Hemp Bill

Thomas Clarke in the Daily Chronic has some good news for us: his state, New Hampshire, has passed a hemp bill. This is adding to the trend in other states such as Hawaii, Kentucky (well, there is some struggle there...), and Colorado. Other states have pending legislation.

The federal government will have to be included at some point, and to help have that in place, a petition is ready for signing at - Mina will be going on tour to several
states in April along with the Kentucky Hemp Museum. 2013 is starting very well, it would be nice
to have all 50 states joining forces with New Hampshire, Colorado, Kentucky and Hawaii, and getting federal approval so this nightmare of prohibiting a raw material and keeping America poor can be OVER!

CONCORD, NH — A bill that protect industrial hemp from being designated as a controlled substance in New Hampshire has passed the House by a voice vote without any debate Wednesday.
House Bill 153, An Act Prohibiting the Designation of Industrial Hemp as a Controlled Substance, now advances to the Senate for consideration.
The House tried last year to get the Senate to agree to a similar bill, but the Senate instead voted to study the measure.
The cultivation of hemp in the United States remains prohibited by the federal government, but legislation has been introduced in Congress that would allow US farmers to grow the plant.
The United States remains the only industrialized nation in the world to ban the cultivation of hemp.
Sales of hemp in the United States are legal, but all hemp must presently be imported, mainly from Canada and Europe.

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