Friday, June 14, 2013

Chilling with Chillo

LOS ANGELES — MediSwipe Inc., a data management solutions company for the medicinal marijuana and health care industry, today announced that the Company’s popular hemp based energy drink “CHILLO” is now for sale with the world’s largest online retailer on Marketplace. With the trusted Amazon platform and fulfillment services, MediSwipe expects to experience a surge in orders of the beverage through ecommerce sales as the products profit from enhanced visibility within the Amazon catalog.
“Chillo is a one of a kind product, and can only benefit from being placed in front of tens of millions of potential customers. offers an opportunity to reach a niche market as we can now service customers across North America and abroad. As we expand the brand globally, we are proud to partner with the largest and most successful online marketplace around the world,” stated MediSwipe CEO, B. Michael Friedman.
With the dramatic orange color and flavor of CHILLO, and added benefits of hemp, vitamins and caffeine, we are pleased to be able to deliver the product through for those who are not able to access it through our retail network,” stated B. Michael Friedman for MediSwipe.
The Company has also announced plans to launch additional online marketing campaigns through its Facebook site for both “Chillo” and C+ Swiss Tea. Starting today, for every 420th “Like” to the Company’s Facebook page, the Company will give away a free Chillo and C+Swiss gift pack to that lucky friend.
CHILLO, with its distinct trademark orange can, carries the chill of hemp seed extract with the added punch and perfect blend of caffeine, vitamins B6 and B12 for the ultimate drink experience. Both Chillo and C+ Swiss Hemp Tea are available in dispensaries and select locations across the country, and may be ordered exclusively through MediSwipe by calling 248.262.6850 or through email at
About MediSwipe Inc.
MediSwipe Inc. provides innovative patient solutions for electronically processing transactions within the healthcare industry. MediSwipe provides terminal-based service packages and integrated Web Portal add-ons for physicians, clinics, hospitals and medical dispensaries that include: digital patient records, Electronic Referrals, Credit/Debit Card merchant services, Check Guarantee and Accounts Receivable Financing.

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