Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hemp History Week

This week is Hemp History Week in the US, where hemp is a large part of the history; however, few teachers tell the children about it; rather, Hollywood teaches them about perverted sex and how to kill other kids with guns. Not much is done for this. America loses $ all the time as hemp is actually illegal.
Hemp activists like Mina Hegaard are taking part, not just this week, but all year round. This weekend she is in Fairfax selling hemp clothing. Other activists just like here are out there working hard with this issue, which is not only ignored by the mainstream press but also by the whinging left which wants issues they can make $ off of and heroes like Monica Lewinsky. Some of the lefty heroes are actual terrorists - bomb making idiots who for years were intent on killing American citizens.
The future history of hemp in the US might just be that of total inactivity and stupidity, about how the issue got hijacked by child abusing drug addicts and the left.
Sorry for the cynisism...I hope rather that we make history this year by making it legal, and for that, please sign the petition to the White House at

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