Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hemp canvas

Canvasland is the industry leader in Hemp Artist Canvas - we're working to return the original canvas to the artist's easel! Get started with our Slim line - thinner and lighter than our Premium line, Slims are a great way to experience the Canvasland difference! Go to http://www.canvasland.net/
I just saw this on the www.minawear.com facebook site - something I was waiting for quite a while -
as an artist, I am well aware that hemp was used as canvas - in fact, the word canvas comes from the Latin - vd. French: chanvre
                  Italian: cannape
                  Spanish: canamo ( pronounced kanyamo - tilde on the n) - in Rembrandt van Rijn's land, hemp was grown extensively; not only are the fibres used for canvas - but the oil, a permanent drying oil, was used; today, better artists use hemp oil as it dries more clearly than linseed (see previous posts on this blog, I have extensive analysis of the process of  linoleic acid/linolenic acid oxidation and notes on specific brands of hemp oil that I am making swatches of to find the best).

So I welcome this new product and will be using it in the near future.


Phil Telic said...

Canvas can be a great industry in the US, reintroducing hemp to the market and providing jobs. Where is this sourced and manufactured?

Carlos said...

This is coming out of Texas, but of course the hemp is not grown in the US. Ironically, it is legal to grow marijuana in many places that do not specifically allow hemp; would it not be a good idea to make pot growers give their stems to be used for manufacture thus creating jobs in the US?