Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Captain Amsterdam in Vegas for medical trade show

Cannabis sativa medicine is getting a much better rap these days, and one Colorado company is even getting it certified kosher at the Orthodox Union in New York. Companies are even doing roadshows, such as Captain Amsterdam, which is  in Vegas today  to promote cannabis medicine, below are the details:

ASD Tradeshow the dates are March 1-4, 2015Las Vegas Convention Center   

Time is 9am-6pm everyday


Tyler Lacey
Captain Amsterdam(Operations Director)
619-866-3344 (Direct Line)
877-752-7362 Ext 106 (Office Line)
949-632-1069 (Cell Phone)


Carlos said...

Real medicine made from plants is the way to go.

Phil Telic said...

It ought to be legal everywhere, so far a number of children have died when they were denied access to cannabis based medicines.

David Jefferson said...

Big Fat Pharma does not want affordable medicine. That's all there is to it.