Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hemp now blocked by drug addicts in Oregon

Just after posting the other day about a hemp planting in Kentucky, this news came in re Oregon, which, sadly, has the ironic fact that it is now the medical marijuana farmers who are an impediment to industrial hemp. How many of the medical marijuana users are for real? And how many are selfish drug addicts? Who might be the real reason hemp is still illegal in most states, rather than the government.

Industrial hemp is off to a slow start, and the Oregon Legislature may throw up more hurdles, but growers are optimistic.

Cliff Thomason’s goal is to be growing 10,000 acres of industrial hemp in five years. But right now he’s dealing with opposition from medical marijuana growers and Oregon legislators.
Thomason is among the first growers licensed by the state to raise hemp, which lacks the THC levels that gets pot smokers high but is valued because it can be used to make a wide variety of food, health and fiber products.
Thomason’s Oregon Hemp Co. has grow operations in Murphy and near Grants Pass, in Southwest Oregon, and he is negotiating to sharecrop space on an organic farm near Scio, in the Willamette Valley.
The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued 13 hemp licenses, but it’s unclear how many growers have a crop in the ground this summer.
Thomason said growers are hampered by infrastructure and political problems. First, it’s difficult to obtain seed, although Thomason said he has seed from China, Lithuania, Slovakia and Germany. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he said.
The Oregon Legislature is another matter. Medical marijuana growers in Southern Oregon believe pollen from industrial hemp will contaminate their potent pot and reduce THC levels. A bill in the Legislature would force a 5-mile separation between hemp and pot growers.
Hemp growers say that would essentially prohibit them from growing, because so many pot plots fill the area.
Thomason said he’s trying to be a good neighbor by keeping pollen-bearing male hemp plants in greenhouses and transplanting only females outdoors.
“I keep saying that with responsible farming practices, it will regulate itself,” he said.
Thomason described himself as “truly an accidental farmer” who was asked to help find seed and land for the hemp industry because of his real estate background.
“When I did, we formed a company to move the project forward,” he said.
He said his plants are growing rapidly and are intended for the medical market. The German seeds seem to do the best, perhaps because its climate is similar to Oregon’s, he said.
The other licenses issued so far are:
27B Stroke6 Farm, Corvallis; American Hemp Seed Genetics, Salem; Cannalive Organics, Yamhill County; Central Coast Enterprises, Seal Rock; Genesis Media Works, Baker County; Hemp for Victory Gardens, Wilsonville; Hughes Farms LLC, Bend; Integrative Health Source, Corvallis; Mark McKay Farms, St. Paul; Oregon Agriculture Food and Rural Consortium, Eagle Point; Went to Seed LLC., Bend; and Wildhorse Creek Hacienda, Adams.


Carlos said...

First its blocked by rightwingers, then the left. Ironic that these 'hempsters' are nothing but a bunhc of dope addicts and serve satan's interests just as much as the right wing nuts.

Phil Telic said...

It is into extra innings with no score here. The Chinese are left with the monopoly on hemp textiles while the US goes into a deeper depression, offset a little bit by tourism.
If the politicians would focus on this economic reality, rather than publicly trying to get terrorists who refuse to renounce violence after murdering people in NY, which is what Melissa Mark-Viverito does, she wants freedom for sick, violent murdering terrorists, then we could recover economically and get the job done. Envy China if you want, but in that nation terrorists who kill people go to prison and NO Chinese politician is trying to get them free...instead, Chinese politicians kept hemp legal for millenia AND helped it to emerge as an industry.
AND, Chinese drug dealers would NOT be allowed to block the growth of industrial hemp.

Phil Telic said...

Error in last comment, I left out the word 'freed' when discussing what Melissa Mark-Viverito is trying to ought to read:

If the politicians would focus on this economic reality, rather than publicly trying to get terrorists freed who refuse to renounce violence after murdering people in NY, which is what Melissa Mark-Viverito does,..........