Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A new reality we are all faced with is the concept of the Bush administration trying to snatch people. Hundreds were taken when Pakistan was offered money for bodies, and miraculously, the bounty was claimed and bodies produced; of course, they were all 'terrorists', so no need to worry if they got tortured year after year after year...A few brown-skinned people less to worry about.
But once blooded, the monster keeps on going, full of whatever batteries keep its soul ticking away, beating the drum for hypocrisy. The snatch mentality crossed the long straight border northwards into Canada recently when Marc Emery, who openly and legally sold Cannabis sativa seeds, was named by the US as a criminal. The US not only wanted him to be placed on trial, but extradited to the US for acts committed in Canada.
I am proud to say that I took part in two protests outside the US Embassy (or, rather, Chancellery as it is more technically correct to call it) here in London in 2005 against this. We then proceeded with our protest to the Canadian Embassy, which was once the site of the US Embassy, a much more handsome building in keeping with the neighbourhood.
Tomorrow in London there is another protest against the US extradition, this one in support of Gary McKinnon. His mother just notified me that they were starting their march at 5 pm on 28 June at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall and then proceeding to St James Park. They will end up at the Home Office on Marsh Street where they will hand in a letter.
Let's work together to keep people safe from the US snatch squads. Italy is at present filing criminal charges against US agents for kidnapping its citizens, and we in the rest of the free world ought to stand up to the Bushitters along with them.
First they came for the Afghani teenagers, then they came for the seed dealers, then they came for British citizens, then they came for whoever was left...

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