Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spent much of today at the West London Greenfest in Parsons Green, half-way to Wimbledon if one takes the District Line from Earl's Court; which I've done lots of times when I really wanted to get to Richmond, but that's way off topic...
I showed up with a copy of Hemp for Victory in hand, yes, the book that I've been saying would be ready in a week for the last few years, so, hard to believe, but it was in hand...not yet bound though, so we'll see if we can get it done in, shall we say, a week? That might take a miracle as the World Cup is on and England still has one game to go in the first round. Again, I'm way off topic.
Bobby Pugh, founder of Mother Hemp and The Hemp Shop, was there with a great display of a range of items, joined by Dru Lawson of The Hemp Trading Co.; both their shops were mentioned in today's Observer (see previous post below) and I had a letter, or part of a letter, published in the Independent on Sunday.
Later on H and her partner from Cannabis Ice Tea came along and donated several cases of their product, so we sold some things and gave away free cannabis. Not hard to attract a crowd. Plus it was one of those great English days, and lots of people came out. One item that was noticed by all was the T-shirt made by The Hemp Trading Co., which sports the logo of GEORGE BUSH & SON, BUTCHERS: they're a long established English firm, started in Queen Victoria's day. I just put in an order for some Kosher pork chops. They'll go down well with the ice tea, seasoned with the 14-ingredient secret Cajun blackening mix that only readers of the book will have...but there is an even more top secret 15-ingredient Cajun blackening mix that only readers of this blog will have, and that is the one made up with 2 oz. of powdered hemp leaves (illegal in George Bushland, the other George Bush, not the long-established English butcher).
Did anyone get high from the tea? Well, that too is a secret...stay tuned. We will reveal where Saddam Hussein has his WMD, from a top secret source close to George Bush...the other George Bush.

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