Sunday, June 18, 2006

While not ordering up Kosher pork chops from George Bush & Son, Butcher, (see last 2 postings, below) or handing out high tea at the West London Greenfest today, there was actually time for a serious discussion about hemp. Dru of THTC had come across a claim somewhere that a hemp T-shirt saves several hundreds of gallons of water over a cotton T-shirt. He had also seen a similar claim, but for only a savings of two or three hundred gallons. Which was correct, and how was this figured?
Cotton production, which is now the main industry in one or more Central Asian nations, does take up lots of water, so much so that waterways are being diverted and local wildlife threatened. In addition, cotton uses up to 50% of the world's pesticides. So it is not a bad idea to switch from cotton to hemp. He and I will be working on this figure so as to be able to present a cohesive argument on the issue. As water is now becoming a scarce item, with some journalists telling us we may go to war over it in the future, we ought to get a hold of some information and keep this from happening. Anyone out there with any facts relevant to this, please contact me at

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