Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two hours ago, I thought there had been this amazing breakthrough; as with many stories, the headline is a bit of bait, while the real story is quite different. One remembers a very morbid version of this last year when the sensational Evening Standard ran its front-page as: "Bomber Shot Dead", when it transpired over the next few days that in fact it was really an innocent, nice young electrician from a nice home shot dead while reading the paper.
So when I saw the bit on google about a Russian scientist finding a strain of THC hemp, I thought this was it, we're about to have all this THC hemp in the future so certain politicians cannot use the THC excuse anymore. The fine print sometimes contradicts the bold, and in this case, the key words are really "practically zero THC level"; those were the words out of Sergei Grigoryev's mouth, or, perhaps more accurately, out of Mr. Grigoryev's interpreter's mouth, in regards to the strain they have in hand at the Russian Plant Institute in St. Petersburg. They also claim that when crossed with wild hemp, it will even decrease its THC level.
OK, we'll monitor this. Maybe they have something here, after all, they have been the dominant supplier of hemp, which was once the world's most traded commodity, they certainly produced the best hemp fibre for ropes for a long time.
Presently many nations demand a very low THC content, 1.0% or less, as this will not get anyone high. So if the 'Reds' have done this, they will be helping out America, as with this THC excuse now removed, it will be much harder to make red tape that comes out of Washington every time the issue comes up. They might even regret it, as America too produced copious amounts of hemp at one time, and they just may yet become the #1 hemp producing nation in the world.

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