Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In Chapter XXIV of Hemp for Victory, there is a discussion about GM foods and what this bodes for hemp. Generally, hemp is GM-free. All the approved varieties are, and so the websites proclaiming that all UK hemp or all Canadian hemp is GM free are entirely correct in this assertion.
At some stages, hemp has been used to perform GM trials, including the fibre variety Chameleon, used in European tests several years ago. Hemp lends itself to varietal experimentation, it is much like the rose plant which gives us so many types, but is still one species.
Researching GM foods was an eye-opener, there was lots of abuse and disinformation in the industry and in print. Dr. James Watson was noted to remark that the scientists ought to play God. Idiot savants are more than happy to, and it is now a problem world-wide.
One point made in the chapter was that apiarists were having trouble with unwanted GM pollen that would travel considerable distances; GM was insinuating itself into the honey jar.
Sour as this certainly is, there is worse news. GM corn, sprayed with a GM-resistant herbicide, is now posing a problem to our stomachs. Worse, the herbicide is very close to a human protein, and can act on our nervous system. Like, it gets on our nerves. Wow, some sceintific advance. Far ****ing out.
The corn in question is Liberty Link. Get it in your gut and you may not last too long.
BTW, feel free to pass around this warning so others can take heed.
In the meantime, enjoy your GM-free hemp foods.

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