Monday, June 26, 2006

In today's Sun, there is piece about tea. Hemp tea, a cannabis containing drink called C-Ice Tea. Cool! However, there are some voices of discontent this summer, coming mostly from The National Drug Prevention Alliance UK. David Raynes, speaking on their behalf, warns: "This is normalisation of cannabis in young people's minds...So many people come off the rails because of cannabis." Good ol' Murdoch!
Well, chill out dude, no one is coming off the rails with this drink, it is THC-free and Her Majesty's government has approved it. In fact, in some recent medical research trials, MS sufferers have found it to be helpful.
It is made from Swiss-grown cannabis and made in Austria. In the UK it is disrtibuted by C-Ice.
A more positive reaction from the press at Nutra, which actually covered the story, not just a remark from a single reactionary. This piece, written by Jess Halliday, (which can be found at, goes into details about the MS study and what the drink really does contain.
I've had a chance to check this out myself and enjoy it. I predict it will be a hit. Expect to see more reporting on this product in the near future.

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