Monday, June 26, 2006

In Florida, authorities have found a "threat to society". What? Terrorists, drug dealers? Al-Qaida? No, just someone who put information on his website about Prescott Bush, grandpa to the present occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The information was about how much Prescott loved the Nazis; it may come as no surprise to many of the more well-informed, but US government record states that Prescott was a great asset to Hitler.
So when Steve Esdale merely made public what is an open secret, Florida officials subpoenaed his phone and computer records. The comments on the site mysteriously vanished, and authorities are trying to get him into a mental institution.
Hey, wait a second, this is not the state where a guy named Jeb runs things, is it? As in Jeb Bush? Uh oh, I may be next, as Hemp for Victory contains the same information about the Bush family, plus a bit more, I have openly quoted from Cathy O'Brien's and Mark Phillips' book about life with the Bushes.
~So maybe I'm a threat to society...Whatever happened to bin Laden? And didn't the bin Ladens used to hang out in Texas...with some people named Bush?
For more info on the Steve Esdale case, see:

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