Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The above image is a US poster from WWII encouraging patriotic folk to grow hemp. Sadly, the hemp industry was destroyed afterwards, giving a monopoly on certain items to large, multinational companies. The last legally harvested hemp crop in the US was in Wisconsin in 1957. A recent 1/4 acre plot grown with a permit in Hawaii by Dr. Dave West was never allowed to reach the market. Milions of people today struggle against the large powerful companies and the snaky politicians who try to weasel out of doing their jobs. Hemp, with its many uses and beneifts to the national economy and the environment, would do a lot of good. One thing it was good for was rope, and historically the term 'hemp-horse' was used to refer to the hangman's noose. It could well serve that purpose today, helping to get rid of treacherous enemies in office. On that note, I would encourage all of you to find out what you local politician is up to with regards to hemp, and support him/her if they support hemp, and out them if not. At some times in history it was actually the law that hemp had to be grown, and where this law was the rule, there was prosperity. I would love to see a return of common sense and prosperity, so I am out there pushing for hemp.

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