Monday, October 16, 2006

A recent hip tongue-in-cheeky kind of piece appeared in the Los Angeles City Beat, click here to be taken to it. Nice to know that someone is looking at the ecology for once. Fashion may be killing the earth as cotton, on which so much of it is based, is a plant which is drinking us out of house and home. The Aral Sea is now half its usual size, with farms destroyed all around it. Much the same is happening in California. So the next time you see some real super cool person wearing their earth destroying gear, remember, someone is dying to make them feel good. Not that most of them care...
Water is now becoming a scarce resource, even in London there are water shortages, and it is expected that the deserts all over the world will expand into arable farmland, with billions starving. Growing and wearing hemp is part of the solution.

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