Thursday, October 19, 2006

On a state visit to Latvia, Queen Elizabeth II of England yesterday paid tribute to hemp, as she recounted how Latvia, then Livonia, produced pine and hemp which were so essential to the British Navy. At the battle of Trafalgar, Latvian hemp was in service as Lord Nelson took on the enemy and won. Countless other battles were fought with hemp, not only by the UK, but by countless other nations.
In 1937 Britain saw the war looming and ordered hemp from America, which never arrived because of a stupid law banning hemp. The people behind the law were also for Hitler, and promoted a war as a way to make money, secretly arming Hitler so he would go on a rampage. So bad was the anti-hemp law that in 1942, the US government mounted a "Hemp for Victory" campaign to encourage farmers to grow hemp.
In Britain today hemp is grown and used for a number of products from hemp oil to fibre. In the US it is not, and a battle is being fought, with some ridiculous son-of-a-Nazi vetoing hemp bills in California and Skull & Bones members doing the same in other states. Skull & Bones members supported the Nazis in WWII.
To join the hemp for victory campaign, contact your local MP, Congressman or Senator and tell them to stand up to Nazis and their offspring!

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