Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Somebody in Idaho wants to grow more than just spuds. Tom Trail, a Republican state legistlature from Moscow, is putting through bills to legalise hemp in his state, right on the heels of David Monson's intiative in North Dakota. Both states border Canada, and their farmers are watching Canadian farmers make money from hemp. Idaho is an agricultural state, which topographically resembles Afghanistan (without the deserts), so let's hope they don't send in troops to shoot down this bill. More likely there will be hemming and hawing about hemp farmers being the devil's spawn and someone will find one of those 1930s articles in the Hearst press about teenagers killing their folks after one puff, and next thing we know George Washington will be called a terrorist because he grew hemp. The state troopers will be looking for an old guy in a wig.

Incidentally, there seems to be more Repulican support than Democrat support for hemp legalisation these days. In California, Sam Clauser campaigns for hemp among farmers and young Republicans and in North Carolina, it's 50/50 with both senators, one red and one blue, supporting hemp. If they had a third senator, what colour would they be and would they support hemp?

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