Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This blog has been following the progress of the hemp movement around the world, and perhaps the most interesting one is about North Dakota. There the people involved are not the usual environmental activists; they have no interest in pot; none are hippies. One, David Monson, is the ND House Majority speaker - his party is none other than the GOP. Many others are mainstream farmers, and they are pushing for hemp bacause it makes a good crop, and brings in cash. Two of them, an elderly couple from Stark County, George and Earlene Frank, asserted that the fears on the part of law enforcement officials were "silly".

Right on. Listen to your elders! It's time we got over the Hearst induced hysteria of the '30s and put hemp back in the farm, like it always was in America. Young whippersnappers cooked up a bunch of lies about hemp and got it published in the Hearst press, and in so doing, they have ripped America off. Interestingly, I was just reading that in the Nuremberg trials, they not only hung soldiers and top Nazis, but a few journalists as well, as they realised the dishonest reporting was much a part of the war. Earlier this week I met an Italian journlist who told me there is a bar for the press in her country, so they eliminate some of the problem. That is a great idea! Too often I open the paper here and read utter nonsense, sometimes put out by icons like George Monbiot, and I wonder if they are descendants of the Hearst and his Nazi friends. Incidentally, hemp makes a good rope, the hangman's noose was called in former times the "hemp horse". It's time a few people took a ride and we got on with farming this crop.

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