Monday, February 26, 2007


As part of the never-ending war on whatever, the US government is now considering making bloggers register. The bill is nothing short of an attack on the Constitution. Not sure, though, how it would apply if, let's say, someone was posting from outside the US. But then again, what with the new extradition laws the UK allowed, under which UK citizens can be arrested for committing honest and legal acts in their own land, but which the US deems somehow to be illegal, then maybe no one is safe even abroad. However, only the UK signed onto that stupidity, and now the French are laughing.

And they will be laughing next at Americans if this stupid bill does become law. Of course, there is one right they can never take away: the one to remain silent. The French, though, may already be laughing, and not that silently, as the plant that helped establish the US is now illegal. France in fact leads Europe in hemp production, and American farmers are going broke trying to grow wheat, maize and cotton, the last of which destroys the land as it uses large amounts of pesticides and water.

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