Monday, March 12, 2007


The saga of North Dakota vs. the DEA continues, with Roger Johnson, the state Agriculture Commissioner in Bismarck, sending a letter to DEA adminstrator Karen Tandy. For those of you not familiar with the US, there is an issue between states' rights and the federal government, which often results in tension and nothing getting done. In this case, it sounds as if North Dakota is getting tired of the folks in DC, and Johnson is prodding them not to waste time. Two farmers in that state, David Monson (also the House Majority leader, a Republican from Osnabrock) and Wayne Hauge from Ray, already have the permits, and want to plant hemp this year. Johnson states that granting registration after the planting season is tantamount to denying registration: "...we believe there is no reason why DEA cannot issue a decision in time for this year's planting," he wrote in his letter.

He also asserts that the DEA is not free to simpy ignore the applications. Right he is, but does he know who he is talking to? To be continued...

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