Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Don Bolles, drummer for the Germs, was arrested on 4 April in Newport Beach, CA, for possession...of soap. Specifically, it was Dr. Bronner's hemp soap. The police say it tested positive for drugs, and put $25,000 bail on his head. Murderers get less, and paedophiles, such as the very dirty Edward Samuels of the NY Law School, get an apology from the judge. But catch a germ with some hemp soap and the courts are hell bent on getting him clean.

With such an overkill going on in the halls of justice, it looked grim for this punk percussionist, but I can sound a good note here as Michael Bronner, VP of Dr. Bronner's, posted bail for the accused.

The question is, can he now stay clean without his hemp washing kit?

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