Friday, April 20, 2007


Albert Einstein gives Homo sapiens four years to live if the bees buzz off, and buzz off they may well be doing. A fellow blogger, Chris Sanders, writes on his schmoo site about them, with an image of one he took with his mobile phone...which item may be the cause of the bees' demise. Dangerous tools, even when not in the hands of Naomi Campbell.

Sanders writes from the vicinity of the Post Office Tower in London (which is as much as I can tell anyone about his secret location), and that edifice may itself be sending mixed signals to the hymonoptera...unless it was not a bee at all, but a guided drone sent to seek out the secret Schmoo HQ...

Conspiracy theories aside, there is a serious problem when beekeepers lose 23 out of 40 hives. As a good deal of our agriculture is pollinated by these nectiforous creatures, we could be down to four more years. America especially has a problem with loss of hives, and it has been thought that the problem there is due to the GM crops they cultivate without even warning the people who are eating them. It is hard to tell at this point whether it is GM crops, mobile phones, both of the above, or some other issue that is now threatening life on this planet. Just what is Defra doing about it? As this unfolds, David Miliband is fiddling...or at least his wife is, as he ponders whether or not to put his hat in the ring to be PM.

On a previous post there is mention of the role of hemp in the countryside, which is being turned over to crops such as rape, cotton and wheat. There is a monocrop culture going on that stifles diverstiy and allows for these problems to exist, but much of this is over the head of people like Miliband, who is not a farmer and does not have much experience with the soil. He is a politician and believes in doing something sometime. In the meantime, the bees have had enough.

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