Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. Mae Wan Ho recently did a study of the phenomenon of CCD by placing mobile phones in 4 hives and comparing the reaction to 4 hives with no phones. The bees buzzed off in the hives with the phones. It seems the new generation of mobiles is the culprit.
Dr. Ho will be in London on the 25/26 to discuss her work, and HFV will be taking notes. In the meantime, you may want to tune in to Panorama on BBC 1 this coming Monday, 21 May, as they will be discussing wi-fi and its affects.
For those of you who got the Independent this Monday (14 May), the front cover would have been an eye-opener. Daniel Howden and Andrew Mitchell of Global Canopy Programme write about the major contributor to climate change, which is the burning of the rain forests. Can we stop this madness in time? Or will we soon have a world of no trees and no bees?

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