Friday, May 18, 2007


On a US Senate website there is a list of top scientists who are saying that global warming is not the product of our pollution (posted 15/5/07). The list includes Dr. Claude Allegre, Bruno Wiskel, Dr, Nir Shaviv, Dr. David Evans, Dr. Tad Murty, Dr. David Bellamy, Dr. Chris de Freitas, Dr. Reid Bryson, Hans H.J. Labohm and Tim Patterson, inter alia. Many of these started out as alarmists but have re-studied the data and feel that it is the sun, and not man-made pollutants, which have caused the warming. Only an idiot would deny that there is global warming.

Given the site, one tends to wonder if this is not propaganda, but on the other hand, much of the hysteria, which is promulgated by the likes of Johann Hari and George Monbiot, also looks dodgy. Then there is the fact that the global warming industry is out to make money just like Du Pont and GM. It's hard to take sides, and most honest people would agree that it is a complex argument, best not entrusted to Messrs. Hari and Monbiot. Neither is it to be entrusted to big business or their bestest friend in the whole world, the US government.

One point made by the scientists is that the debate takes energy away from other issues, including the production of ethanol and the curtailing of the cotton industry. I would like to see some real journalists take these on and not just the loud mouths at the Guardian and the Independent. Could it not be that both these papers are in the business of advertising big cars and expensive cotton threads?

The hot air that these papers exhude (and the trees they fell to print their opinions on) is a danger, but if we take a closer look at some of the global warming fanatics, we may want to put a stop to them as soon as we can. Some of them are ready to inject diatomaceous earth (used in kitty litter) into the stratosphere. James R. Fleming, writing in The Wilson Quarterly, notes that they talked about these kinds of big ideas "even as they joked about a NASA staffer's apology for her inability to control the temperature in the meeting room..."

So NASA cannot even keep themselves cool, yet it hosts idiot savants who want to churn ocean water and blast kitty litter into the air. All, of course, at great cost to the taxpayer, and who reaps the benefit? The bevy of savants, journalists, scaremongers and politicians who can divert tax monies to these sorts of schemes... the same people who were crying about global cooling a few years ago. Now they're back, and they are wasting our time as we research proven solutions such as hemp and locally produced ethanol.

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