Monday, May 21, 2007


After last month's fiasco with the Anya Hindmarch cotton bags, major chains decided to get into the fray with their own 'eco-bag', which meant that Sainsburys gave out an orange plastic bag. Not very green, but this bag at least was reusable.

As the logo above states, real eco-bags are made from hemp. Jute, ramie or flax might also make good eco-bags, but using cotton, even if it claims it is organic, is like eating Kosher pork.

The Hemp Shop will be offering these bags, in a limited edition, made of 100% organic hemp and manufactured under ethical conditions in the UK. Look for them also in Positive News and The Ecologist. Expect to see them around Mayfair and other posh spots, taking the mick out of all the celebrities who are wearing environmentally destructive cotton. Or on the arms of real environmentalists anywhere. But if you go to Baghdad, don't expect to find it in the Green Zone.

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