Wednesday, May 23, 2007


David Goldstein in the McClatchy Newpapers recently reported on the new US gov legislation which would clamp down on one of the Bush government's deadliest of enemies - whistleblowers. A footnote on a ruling against a Federal whistleblower noted that the Labor Department did not recognise protections against those who reported on illegal activities concerning clean water, drinking water, toxic substances or haxardous waste. Tom Devine, the legal director of the Government Accountability Project, asserts: "This is the latest in a systematic war to gut the environmental whistleblowers' statutes. They are a lifeline so government workers can challenge illegality without engaging in professional suicide."

The EPA, which is now regarded as a major joke, has stated that it did not recognise protection in any of the six major environmental laws. Respect for the law is not to be expected from the Bush people, in fact, the White House is seeking to break the law and not pay the US troops the 3.8% raise to which they are legally entitled under a 1999 ruling; please note that this was under the Democrats, and now that the warmongering GOP is in power, they don't want to pay the troops - in fact, they are currently opposing the 3.5% proposed pay rise put forth in the Democrat controlled Congress.

And they are opposed to Americans growing hemp. Understandably, as this seed helps the birds to sing, a fact brought up in 1937 when the GOP made hemp illegal by manipulative means.

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