Monday, May 28, 2007


To see hemp outlawed in the US is crazy, after all these years you'd think they would welcome a plant that can provide better ethanol than corn, which is now being grown ubiquitously but not quite as profitably as the farmers want. Yes, the price is going up to $4, but so are the expenses, land being one of them, and most farmers rent. Then the way the US government is involved is not quite healthy, and is it any surprise that the companies benefitting from Bush's ethanol initiative are all his buddies?

Could that be the reason that he is into ethanol all of a sudden, going green? Or is it because he is drinking again, and ETOH (what paramedics call it, a code word for 'drunk') is all of a sudden very cool. Rumour has it he was a bit smashed when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England came the the White House. And more than rumour has it that after her visit to Bushland she visited the Chelsea Flower Show in her own land, where she was given a private viewing of some hemp plants in pots at an eco stand.

So it's time for Americans to take Bush over to a flower show to do the same. Or, if they cannot find this species growing in the land of the brave, they have only to look north to see some 50,000 acres of it in full bloom, prospering under the sign of the maple leaf. Above is a logo of one of Canada's first hemp shops, where books, clothes and other hemp items are on sale. It may be a good place to take Bush when he visits Canada.

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