Monday, August 13, 2007

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance has issued a petition calling for the setting up of cannabis clubs, set up like pubs so that minors could be excluded. This move would allow for regulation of the substance, just as alcohol is monitored and quality levels are assured. They are calling this a harm reduction measure.
In today's world of drug dealers out there selling skunk and who- knows-what, this is a sensible idea. Personally, I would never support drugs like crack cocaine, but cannabis is not the cause of violent crime. If anything, legislating it in membership only clubs would reduce the power that the dealers have, and prevent greedy hands from adding adulterants, like powdered glass, which made many people sick these last two years. It would also make cannabis a lot cheaper, and people who spend too much on it could function better in society with more money to spend on their families etc.
To view the petition, click here.
Legalise Cannabis Alliance
PO Box 2883
To contact an MP call 020 7219-3000 or write:
(MP's name),
Houses of Parliament,
SW1 0AA.

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