Monday, August 13, 2007


The Times on Sunday yesterday carried a picture of supermodel Kate on the cover, and along with her Philip Green. Both are disgusting human beings, their life styles funded by people who are basically slaves. Women get shipped to Mauritius to work in sub-human conditions, forced to do at least 70 hours per week. If they protest, armed thugs are set upon them. And there is much to protest about, such as the lack of sleep, the lack of food, and the lack of sanitary facilities. Oh, and let's not forget the lack of pay. These people are lied to so that they think they are making a good wage, but it is really only Kate and Philip who get good money. How much? $6.66m a day. Yeah, with that kind of money one might just install some decent dormitories.

But no, Kate and Philip are scum, and so is much the fashion world. The cotton trade has a long history of wrongdoing, it seems as if anyone connected to this crop is some kind greedy monster. At one point its managers chopped people's arms off for competing, and let's not forget the American South where people were tortured, raped and killed by the likes of Kate and Philip.

The story, by Claire Newell and Robert Winnett, deserves an award for investigative journalism. They had to put up with 'Sir' Philip, who threatened them with bodily harm. And getting into the slave plantations in third world countries is no easy task. Armed militias are there to keep reporters and human rights activits out, whilst 'Sir' Philip sails around the world on his yacht.

What can we do? Poster Topshop and other places that sell the Philips' line or clothes modeled by Moss. Stop wearing cotton as much as you can. Below are phone #s for Topshop London locations.
020 8760 0314
020 8680 8835
020 8681 5582

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