Thursday, August 16, 2007

AB 684

An article by Luke Gianni in the Daily Democrat shows that Californians are not just taking Schwarzenneger's veto of the hemp bill lying down. They have started another one, AB 684, which is winding its way through the Senate. This month Yolo County administrators discussed the issue, with input from Garret Courtney of the DEA. As usual, they stand in the way of Americans execising their rights, good job George Washington did not have them to deal with or he'd be wearing orange. Courtney asserted: " grow hemp, you have to grow marijuana."

A statement like that I could not make up. So the Founding Fathers were growing marijuana? And Canadian farmers are growing 50,000 acres of marijuana? And here in the UK, the British government is growing marijuana, and actually financing its cultivation? The Germans, Spanish, French, Italians, Chinese and countless others are all, according to the DEA, growing marijuana. Hmmmm...maybe time to invade the whole world as part of this 'war on drugs', why stop with Vietnam, Afghanistan Iraq and maybe Iran?

Image left is of a Yolo County resident who is also in support of the relegalisation of hemp - the Brewer's Sparrow. Most graminivorous birds, such as sparrows, finches, buntings, parrots, doves, quails, larks, etc., love hemp - in fact one, Carduelis cannabina, is named after hemp - its English name is the Linnet. Pigeons are especially fond of hemp, as US Army Capt. Wendell Levi attested in his 1940 book The Pigeon. So, according to Courtney, the US Army is giving drugs to its carrier pigeons?

Rick Landon, Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner, stated that farmers needed a test case to clear up the legal issues. The marijuana issue is smoke-in-the-face, another piece of red tape that was put in the field like a mine by the Hearst Newspaper empire. Every time someone tries to put hemp in the field, they step on this legal trap. Maybe the US Army could sort this out?

Helen Thomas, a County Supervisor, added that she used hemp skin care products and did not get high. Actually, millions of people have been using hemp skin care products and only getting better skin, so Courtney might take note.

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