Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just got back from the Vegan Fair, where I found some new hemp products. Hempower of Leicester was there, with a new label on their hemp bar, I am natural of Brighton displayed a handmade hemp cream, and Earth & Wear of Denbighshire was selling No Sweat hemp trainers (made in the US).
Sagar Shah and Chris Sanders showed up and took some pictures, will put up when ready. We walked around with the "Real Eco" hemp bags, and ran into someone from Chiswick who had just bought one of the limited edition bags, she in fact got 007.
Sadly, a number of vegans were wearing cotton, the cultivation of which kills people all over the world. Cotton is a thief, it takes all the water and leaves the land dry. Some promoters have the nerve to sell 'organic cotton' as if it were cool to steal people's water for this weed. It is an upstart at that, historical figures such as Christ did not wear it - since Europeans did not discover it until the 1500s. Now it is grown all over, the monocrop that destroys the environment. I left a few fliers about to draw attention to this.
But that is not picked up on in the press much, perhaps because they are adverising cotton on their environmentally destructive pages - made of wood pulp. Recently Medialens pointed out the hypocrisy of the journalists, especially those who work at the Guardian and The Independent, as they scream about climate change on one page whilst selling their readers trips all over the world. Sounds like Medialens was reading this blog, check out all the times I pointed this out, why did it take Medialens so long to pick up on this?I'll give them an email and see if they are as aware as they think they are. Good job though they made George Monbiot uncomfortable, and Johann Hari as well. The latter is out at Heathrow as the only invited journalist! A dubious honour indeed. The two of them and the hundreds of brat protesters, some of them calling themselves 'Plane Stupid' are a liability to an honest cause. I much support the right of the local people to limit Heathrow to its four terminals, but somehow this undignified mess that is calling itself democratic protest is an own goal. Public support is for the police, not loudmouth journalists and anarchists. These kinds have hijacked the issue, and we await their crash. More details will be found here from our undercover agents carrying Real Eco bags made of hemp and will be posted at this site and at schmoontherun.

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