Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As part of the Fourth Reich's continued programme of suppression of liberty in the US, hemp is off limits. The insurgency continues with patriots such as Dave Monson launching a law suit against the DEA for denying North Dakotans the rigth to grow hemp, but just this month the Bush government tried to ignore the suit, and went so far as to request a federal judge to throw it out. A motion filed by US attorney Drew Wright asserts that DEA policies can only be reviewed by federal appeal courts, and they do not differentiate between hemp and marijuana. These courts follow the lead of the Hearst press, which supported Hitler argued against hemp.

Ironically, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, which is run by the Hearst family to this day, discussed AB684, the bill in the California Senate which is pro-hemp, but only for four northern counties (see recent posts for more details). Haley Davies is the reporter, and her email is, for those of you wishing to send her any information for future articles on hemp.

Back in North Dakota Dave Monson got support from North Dakota State Universtity, which sent a letter to the DEA exhorting them to stop their nonsense. NDSU has also applied for a permit to grow hemp, and they have been waiting for permission since 1999.

Will the DEA crush the partiotic insurgents? Or will America win back its right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Stay tuned on this blogspot for continuous updates.

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