Thursday, August 02, 2007


Image to the left is Konopinka, as depicted on p. 92 of the Journal of Industrial Hemp Vol. 12 # 1 (2007). It is one of many brands shown in Prague on 29 March of last year at an event organised by the Hemp Association of the Czech Republic (KSCR). A full report on this was submitted to the JIH by Marie Siroka and has been published in the above-mentioned issue (pp. 87-93). Siroka is also the co-author, along with Vaclav Sladky, of a related article in the same: "Czech Hemp and National Industry Program" (pp.81-86).

The two articles show that there is a thriving hemp movement in that nation, including a new hemp based cosmetics firm, Parenteral Hradec Kralove. They claim that a unique way of oil extraction is responsible for a top quality product - they use carbon dioxide rather than cold-pressing. This means that the oil has less protein, and therefore a longer shelf life, but more essential acids, including a unique occurence of arachin acid. They envision using raw hemp oil as a replacement for blood plasma.

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