Thursday, October 25, 2007

AB 684

After passing the California state senate on September 11 by a large majority (26-13), the bill to allow hemp in the Golden State was vetoed by the son of a Nazi whore some 33 days later. And I'm not speaking about his mother - his dad wore the bent cross in service to Hitler as an officer of the Reich.

Once again the will of the people has been subverted by the perverted. As the bill for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan now surpasses that of the bill for the Korean and Vietnam wars, 1 trillion bucks to be exact, people are beginning to get a little upset about the rip-off occuring in the Homeland. Some time ago Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asked Donald Rumsfeld where 2.3 trillion bucks went at the Pentagon, and she is still waiting for an answer.

Now that she is considering a run for the Oval Office on the Green Party ticket, we may get an answer, and some action on legalising hemp. McKinney is aware that the first US flag was made of hemp, and that hemp is part of US history - so much so that the government issued a "Hemp for Victory" film in WWII. So where is the victory? Certainly Schwarzenegger has not delivered a sieg. Maybe more a state of siege.

Speaking of flags and victories, the US won a battle at sea against the Koreans in the late 19th century and confiscated the flag, which was, like the Betsy Ross stars'n'stripes, made of hemp. It is now on loan to Korea, which is hoping to get it back permanently. They want their hemp back and I don't blame them. Hopefully, Californians can also get their hemp back.

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