Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Carrying around the hemp bag has proven to be an interesting habit. Today a woman at a shop in Camden was carrying her own cloth bag, made, as is usually the case, of environmentally destructive cotton. When she saw the logo - "Real Eco Bags are made from Hemp", she got moody.
I watched with a grin as she paid at the till - and then almost laughed as she had the groceries put in a plastic bag, which she then put into her 'eco' bag.
Lots of these green posers are the same. They all want money and attention but cannot grasp the facts.
8 December I will be at the climate change parade (pray for rain) outside the US Embassy (Grosvenor Square) with a poster pointing out that Monbiot and his crowd are wearing cotton and destroying the forests by using wood pulp paper to print their propaganda.

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