Monday, November 12, 2007

Yesterday Jane Pasquill and her friends paid a visit to me in London. She was up from Cornwall to do a knitting show, and had with her the 100% hemp skeins and some apparel made with them. I have to say, they were fantastic and I would be wearing some if they were not all for women.
House of Hemp is her company, and they are well worth checking out. She runs it along with her daughter Tania Blonder, and the two of them run a farm and a retreat.
They are interested in harvesting and processing hemp for textiles in the UK, which is a difficult undertaking considering the lack of infrastructure. Previous attempts have not been wildly succesful. However, Jane is working already with a mill in her area that has treated hemp and so has made a good start. As the cloth produced from hemp may well be a bit crude at first, I am eyeing the project with a view to producing the hemp bags from it.

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