Thursday, November 08, 2007

No matter how hard they try, there will always be people who can see through lies. Tonight a naked emperor dances on the stage with his rubbish about climate change, and no doubt there will be lots of people admiring his clothes - which will be made of cotton.
George Monbiot goes on in a few hours and if I get to pose a few inconvenient questions I may get lynched. In case that happens, and this is my swansong, I leave to the reader some links to articles that debunk the climate change hot air.
Click here for a good article in the Telegraph by Christopher Boooker and Richard North, published 4 November 2007, titled "The Deceit behind Global Warming". Another is at and a third, from Hillsdale College, can be found here.
The trouble with all this is that it is fed by the companies that want us to use nuclear power. Further, it is a false platform, and when it falls, it brings the reputable researchers with it. Thus, it is harder to get action behind real issues. But since there is a $billion industry now involved, they will only beat the drum for more money, scaring us into coughing up just as they did in the '70s with the global cooling fiasco.

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