Thursday, November 01, 2007



Last night Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, decided to hold a talk, invite the press, and grant a Q&A session at which he did not answer a lot of questions, such as why MI6 followed completely flawed reports to start a war in Iraq, and were they going to repeat their mistakes with Iran? At one point Sir Richard threatened to walk out. He exhibited quite a flair for comedy by telling us, straight-faced, that politicians do not lie. However, at the end of the evening the crowd was not laughing at the joke, and he was driven out of the room at the reception on the 5th floor by a crowd shouting 'traitor'! The onlookers applauded, so I guess it can be said he left to a standing ovation... A video of this is expected to appear on youtube.

There was a strong pro UK military presence in the crowd, reminding the well-heeled that Sir Richard and the likes did not get in uniform and serve in Iraq. The feeling is he wasted lots of lives and could give a damn. To add to the insult of the intelligence of the British public, he defended the CIA. Part of the anti-Dearlove sentiment came from the fact that Britain has been sold off to the foreign interests whilst he was in office, such as the British defence firm Quinetic, sold for a song to the Bushes.

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