Monday, January 07, 2008


Vol. 12 #2 (2007)

Influence of Temperature on the Water Retting Process of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivated Under Swedish Climate Conditions Karin Magnusson and Bengt Svennerstedt

Traditional Cannabis Cultivation in Darchula District, Nepal - Seed, Resin and Textiles Robert C. Clarke

The Production Chain of Hemp and Flax Textile Yarn and Its Environmental Impact Lea Turunen and Hayo M.G. van der Werf

The Dynamics of the French Hemp System and Its Stakeholders Estelle Garnier et al.

Fourth International Hemp Conference: Hemp Industry on a Global Course of Expansion Michael Carus

Traditional Nepali Hemp Textiles Robert C. Clarke

Hemp Paper: 2,000 Years On Kenyon Gibson

Longhorn Beetles and Botryosphaeria: A Future Epidemic? John M. McPartland and Karl W. Hillig

Winter Menu Kenyon Gibson

Building With Hemp (Review) Kenyon Gibson

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